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New Inkjets for Outdoor Graphics

(June 2003) posted on Fri Jun 13, 2003

Printers introduced at ISA's 2003 Sign Expo

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Below is a partial list of the wide-format inkjets that were introduced at ISA's Sign Expo. In our effort to present similar information about each printer, we contacted each of the manufacturers listed in the show guide. We had better luck getting responses from some manufacturers than others, which may be indicative of the level of response that you, too can expect--at least until some of these manufacturers line up good US distributors. Maximum throughput speeds also should be taken with a grain of salt; it's sometimes difficult to get manufacturers to provide specs on throughput speeds for sellable output, as opposed to the fastest mode.

Azon Printer 3500

Azon Digital Printing System

Inks: Solvent, four-color

Outdoor Durability: Up to 2 years

Format: Roll-to-roll, 3.5 m (138 in.) wide

Resolution: 370 dpi

Print Speed: 302 sq ft/hr at high res, 506 sq ft/hr at normal mode

Pricing: About $100,000

Croatia-based equipment-maker also supplies ink and substrates.

ColorSpan DisplayMaker 110s

MacDermid Colorspan

Inks: Solvent, four-color

Outdoor Durability: 5 years

Format: Roll-to-roll, 2.8-m (110-in.) print width

Resolution: 360 dpi

Print Speeds: 350 to 1000 sq ft/hr

Pricing: $179,990

ColorSpan's first piezo, solvent-system inkjet is offered with a flexible, all-inclusive lease program that supplies the printer, installation, service and inks for monthly payments that can be adjusted for seasonal or cyclical business trends.

Creon 2500

Azero, Inc.

Inks: Solvent, four-color

Outdoor Durability: 2 years

Format: Roll-to-roll, 2.5 m (99 in.)

Resolution: 360 dpi

Print Speeds: 161 to 516 sq ft/hr

Printer built in China with expertise from Korea and US is recommended for indoor and outdoor prints. Can print on materials up to 1 cm thick, including fabric and carpet. Uses Maintop RIP.

DJT 400, 800, and 1200

Digital Jet Technologies

Inks: UV-curable, four-color

Outdoor Durability: 3 years

Format: Flatbeds, 48 x 96 in., 5 x 10 ft

Maximum Thickness: 4 in. thick

Resolution: 300 x 600 dpi

Print Speed: up to 400 sq ft/hr

Pricing: Starts at around $77,000

Designed for heavy-duty use in small to mid-sized sign and screen-printing firms, this thick-media flatbed uses a new stainless-steel PicoJet printhead developed by a former Tektronix engineer and an XYZ mechanism and table developed by a maker of computer-controlled routers.