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New Version of ICS Remote Director

(November 2008) posted on Mon Nov 24, 2008

Image comparison, image sorting, image-locking capabilities and more offered.

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Integrated Color Solutions (ICS) has released the latest version of Remote Director, the company’s monitor proofing solution.

Remote Director v3.6.1 provides more than a dozen new features, including comparison of images for content; additional image sorting capabilities; improved e-mail notification processes; the ability to lock images per user approval and/or group approval; an option to view and print sign-off status for all participants and for all images in a proof; a performance improvement for proofs with many images (100+) as well as a performance improvement for Intel machines.

The latest Remote Director now also supports light-booth manufacturer Just Normlicht’s Just USB interface, allowing it to communicate with the latter’s products. As a result, Remote Director can automatically control luminous values and viewing conditions in many of Just’s soft-proofing viewing stations from any remote location in real time.