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OEM Previously Owned Printer Programs

(August 2005) posted on Thu Aug 11, 2005

Used printers available from manufacturers and their agents.

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The OEM Programs

The following companies indicated they offer previously owned printers, and provided some details on each program. Contact the OEMs
directly for more information. Keep in mind that this represents only companies that were able to respond to our queries within our deadline
for this issue; other OEMs may offer similar programs.


Previously owned program: Although Agfa does not have an official
program, the company does offer show equipment, demo equipment,
and some other customer equipment from time to time. "We encourage
customers to contact us if they have a need and we look at our
current inventory."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Durst.

Where sourced: Trade-ins for other equipment or upgraded models,
secondary market/aftermarket sales, where Durst provides service
record and recertifies as a "pre-owned" unit.
Printers inspected: Yes.

Warranties offered: Yes, new warranties for new buyers.

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes.

Offer upgrades: Yes, as requested or required.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping: Durst may handle coordination"?if, for example, the ownershop
has gone out of business. "Otherwise, terms for a unit moving
from old owner to new owner are negotiated as part of the deal."

Additional charges: Peripheral charges would be no different than for a
new equipment purchase. "There are no additional charges simply
because the unit is used."

Tips: "Ask for the unit's service record. Only Durst is authorized to service
its equipment; we keep complete records on all units, know their
histories, etc."? it's like CarFax for used Durst products."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Epson.

Where sourced: Refurbished products that have been returned to the
company from various sources.

Printers inspected: All products are inspected and tested to ensure
they perform properly; some may have minor blemishes due to previous

Warranties offered: Epson does not provide a warranty, "unless the
product arrives defective"?in which case, Epson will replace the product
with a replacement model."

Maintenance/service contracts: No.

Offer upgrades: No.

Manuals offered: Manuals are offered and are available in PDF format
on the Epson website. Refurbished products may or may not contain a
media pack or the same software as new models.

Shipping: All refurbished printers are shipped from Epson.

Additional charges: Taxes and shipping charges may apply.

Tips: "Because we rarely have returns...we do not have refurbished
wide-format printers available very often."