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OEM Previously Owned Printer Programs

(August 2005) posted on Thu Aug 11, 2005

Used printers available from manufacturers and their agents.

Previously owned program: Yes, managed by MacDermid ColorSpan.
Where sourced: Printers used at trade shows, and printers that have
been traded in for different models.

Printers Inspected: All are updated with the latest Engineering Change
Orders (ECOs), any worn parts replaced, and then fully tested as a new
Warranties offered: A full factory warranty is offered, "as if the
machine were new; new warranty for the full term to the new buyer."
Maintenance/service contracts: After the warranty period, customer
can purchase on-site maintenance contracts to continue full-coverage

Offer upgrades: Yes, "this is done as a normal course of action."

Crating charge: No.

Installation: Yes.

Training: Included at no charge.

Manuals offered: New manuals and the most up-to-date software are
provided at no charge.

Shipping: These printers originate from the ColorSpan factory in Eden
Prairie, MN. The customer purchases the printer and pays for freight,
just as with a new printer. The printers ship with a free set of inks and a
roll of media.

Additional charges: Shipping from ColorSpan factory.

Tips: "Avoid buying from a third party (such as off eBay), unless you
can personally inspect the printer before buying."


Previously owned program: "We occasionally sell a machine as used,
but usually it is a demo."

Where sourced: It may come in as an upgrade unit, "but we won't
resell a competing product."

Printers inspected: Units are rebuilt to factory specs.

Warranties offered: Usually a 30- or 60-day warranty is offered on a
"used" item.

Maintenance/service contracts: Currently not offered, although
Mimaki is considering this option.

Offer upgrades: "Yes, if it is appropriate to bring a unit up to new

Crating charge: No.

Installation: Varies.

Training: Varies.

Manuals: Yes, PDF or printed.

Shipping: Coordinated by Mimaki Tech Service department.

Additional charges: None.

Tips: "Be careful what you buy."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Mutoh.

Printers inspected: Yes.

Warranties offered: Yes, 1 year on all except the Toucan, which is 6
months. This warranty covers on-site parts and labor. New warranties
for most recent buyer.

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes.

Offer upgrades: Yes.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping: FOB Phoenix.

Additional charges: None.

Tips: "Make sure a full warranty is offered on anything purchased.



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