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OEM Previously Owned Printer Programs

(August 2005) posted on Thu Aug 11, 2005

Used printers available from manufacturers and their agents.

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Previously owned program: Offered on a case-by-case basis. "We do
not have a global program for promotion and sales of used systems."
Where sourced: Used systems from trade-in programs are sometimes
offered to current customers. "Also, systems used in our demo rooms
or in shows are also available. In all cases, it is only Scitex Vision previously
owned equipment."

Printers inspected: Usually yes, "but it is managed on a case-by-case
basis and depends on the agreement reached with the customer."

Warranties offered: Usually yes; typically, this is a new warranty
given to the most recent buyer.

Maintenance/service contracts: "Yes, similar to those offered to current
customers that have our equipment for a similar time."

Offer upgrades: Depends on the specific deal and the status of the

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping: Local Scitex Vision office usually coordinates the logistic
aspects. If the used system is sold between a Scitex Vision customer
and a new site, shipping coordination may be done directly between
the involved parties.

Additional charges: In most cases, shipment and installation are charged
separately, "but training is always part of the deal at no extra cost."
Tips: "Look for ROI on the used system and the selling company's
service infrastructure."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed internally.

Where sourced: "We only source printers from customers as a trade-in
for new equipment. Even then, it is done on a case-by-case basis,
depending on the market for resale."

Printers inspected: Yes, unless there is a very special circumstance.
"All used equipment is remanufactured to original specifications
before being offered for sale."

Warranties offered: Yes, if it goes through the remanufacturing
process. New warranty for the most recent buyer.

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. If the printer has not been
remanufactured by Vutek, then it must undergo an inspection by
Vutek's service organization and be brought up to specifications
before a warranty is offered.

Offer upgrades: Yes, assuming it is an upgradeable model.

Crating charge: No.

Installation: There is no charge for labor, however, the customer is
responsible for travel and living expenses of the field engineer during
the installation.

Training: If a remanufactured printer is purchased, the customer is
entitled to two free training slots, which includes a 5-day operator
training course, and all lodging and meals during the course. Travel to
the training course is the responsibility of the customer.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping: The printer typically ships directly from Vutek's factory to
the customer. Vutek coordinates the shipping unless the customer
chooses to do so.

Other: The customer is responsible for the shipping charges from Vutek
to their premises. "The customer also has the option to purchase a
spare parts kit to minimize downtime in the case of a service event."

Tips: "Much like purchasing a car, it's very important for the customer
purchasing a remanufactured unit to ensure they are not simply
inheriting the problems of the previous owner. Minimally, the printer
should be inspected by the manufacturer prior to purchase to obtain a
report of any pre-existing problems."