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OEM Used Programs

(April 2010) posted on Tue May 04, 2010

Some printer manufacturers offer previously used printers

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By JP Pieratt

The manufacturers listed below offer previously used printers or have a program in place that can enable interested buyers/sellers to connect. Quotes are from manufacturers’ representatives. Contact the OEM directly for more information.

Previously owned program: Yes. “We have a tiered program. We list various levels of used, pre-owned, and demo units on that have been refurbished and tested prior to resale by EFI. These units are resold directly through EFI and our distributors. We also work closely with distributors and resellers worldwide who purchase and resell used Vutek printers. Global Garage is a good example of this.”

Where sourced: “Printers that are sold through EFI can be demo units or printers that have been returned as part of our trade program. We also work with resellers and directly with customers who are trading in printers but shipping directly from their site to the printer’s new owner.”

Printers inspected: Yes. “All Vutek printers sold by or from Vutek are inspected. Printers coming from our facility will be reconditioned prior to resale. Printers from third-party locations, that have been facilitated by Vutek, will be inspected in the field.”

Warranties offered: Yes. “Many come with a warranty. This depends on the tier. For example, demo, used, and recertified printers that are sold from the Vutek facility will often come with a warranty and, in most cases, will be eligible for coverage under our Extended Service Program (ESP). Printers that are currently covered by Vutek ESP at a customer’s location will also be eligible for coverage by an extended warranty at the new location once the printer has been installed and inspected by a Vutek field engineer.”

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. “In most cases. Customers can add ESP coverage after the printer has been installed and inspected by a Vutek field engineer.

Offer upgrades: Yes. “In some cases we do.”

Training: Yes.

Manuals offered: Yes. “If they are sold by EFI and come from our Meredith facility.”

Shipping/Installation: Crating and installation are included. “Typically the buyer will pay for shipping from the Vutek facility. Transactions from current to new owner are up to the parties involved.”

Additional charges: Yes. “There can be additional charges for onsite inspections and setup if the printer is purchased from a third party.”