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OEM Used Programs

(April 2010) posted on Tue May 04, 2010

Some printer manufacturers offer previously used printers

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By JP Pieratt

Tips: “The best tip is to look for printers that have been maintained and are under a current manufacturers warranty or extended service program. Vutek printers retain a high resale value not only because of the quality of build, but also because of the extended service and commitment that comes with it. People have to remember that these are high-production machines and will typically have a lot of print time already logged. That’s not a negative thing, but you want to make sure you’re purchasing a unit that has been maintained. So when purchasing a printer, it may cost slightly more to purchase one under a warranty or service plan, but it will be well worth it in most cases.”

Previously owned program: Yes. The program is managed internally.

Where sourced: Returns and/or exchanges with customers.

Printers inspected: Yes. “All refurbished units from Epson are inspected.”

Warranties offered: Yes. “Warranties are offered for refurbished printers. If it is an end-user to end-user transfer, then the warranty is not transferable. We call them extended contracts, and it depends on the model. For the Epson Stylus Pro 4800, 4880, and GS6000, extended contracts are the same as in box, just an extension. For all other models under extended contracts, we cover break fix, but maintenance service is not covered. For phone support under the extended support, they get the same level of support, toll free, and we do next business day on-site, same as in box coverage.”

Maintenance/service contracts: No. “Epson does not offer special maintenance contracts, but we have setup lower cost maintenance repair fees with our national service vendor. It is flat fee, not hourly. For used printers (end-user to end-user transfer) after the maintenance service is done and our onsite vendor verifies that the printer is in a good working condition, we do allow customers to purchase one-year extended contracts if the printer is less than 2.5 years old from the time of shipment from Epson’s warehouse.”

Offer upgrades: No.

Training: n/a

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping/Installation: “Authorized dealers or service centers typically handle any ‘buy backs.’”

Additional charges: “In general, there is no difference in terms of the items they receive when purchasing refurbished Epson products versus that of the same model when new.”