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OEM Used Programs

(April 2010) posted on Tue May 04, 2010

Some printer manufacturers offer previously used printers

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By JP Pieratt

Tips: “The best overall value still comes from purchasing a new Epson Stylus Pro product, especially because of all the benefits that typically come with having the newest breakthrough technologies and easy-to-use features.”

Fujifilm Sericol
Previously owned program: Yes, program is managed by internal personnel.

Where sourced: Trade-ins from the sale of new printers.

Printers inspected: Yes.

Warranties offered: Yes.

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes.

Offer upgrades: Yes. “The press is typically refurbished prior to placement with the new customer.”

Training: Yes.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping/Installation: “We will coordinate the transportation.”

Additional charges: Yes. “A package is tailored to the needs of the new customer. We sell a complete package to ensure that the customer has everything they need to be successful with their press.”

Tips: “By refurbishing the press and offering a manufacturer’s warranty with the press, we are able to take away the fear and uncertainty of purchasing a used piece of equipment.

Previously owned program: Yes. This program is managed by HP.

Where sourced: Trade-ins from owners purchasing new equipment.

Printers inspected: Yes. “The printers are all carefully inspected prior to any trade-in offer and, when sold, are installed by qualified HP service personnel to ensure the highest levels of quality and productivity for the customer.”

Warranties offered: Yes. “HP does offer warranties on used equipment, however, they are generally shorter than for a new printer and it is a new warranty, not an extension of existing warranties.”

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. “HP offers the same maintenance options for used printers that we do on new printers.”

Offer upgrades: Yes. “HP does upgrade the printers with needed items, such as new printheads or installing the latest firmware changes, but the unit is not necessarily upgraded to ‘new’ in terms of its outward appearance.”

Training: Yes.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Shipping/Installation: “All previously operated equipment is shipped by HP, just as for a new unit, unless other arrangements are made with the customer.”

Additional charges: Yes. “HP charges for delivery, installation, and training whether a printer is used or new.”