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OEM Used Programs

(April 2010) posted on Tue May 04, 2010

Some printer manufacturers offer previously used printers

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By JP Pieratt

Tips: “Whether buying new or used, it’s always best to see your own files printed. Look at the quality and how long it takes to print them before selecting a printer. Printer performance can vary greatly for used units. Customers should always understand how long it takes to print their own files at the quality they deem sellable for their customer base. Never assume that the previous owner’s opinion or experience with print times and print modes is transferable to a new owner’s business model.”

Inca Digital Printers
Previously owned program: Yes. “Existing customers of Inca and our distributor, Fujifilm Sericol, often upgrade to a new Inca machine. The second-hand Inca machine may be sold to a new or existing customer through our normal sales channels.” The program is managed in the US by Fujifilm Sericol.

Where sourced: “They usually come from existing customers who are upgrading to a higher specification Inca printer (or printers), because their business has developed and they now need more capacity.”

Printers inspected: Yes. “When previously owned Inca machines are sold through Inca or our distributors, they are audited and evaluated by Inca engineers. Printheads and parts are assessed and, where necessary, replaced or refurbished.”

Warranties offered: Yes. “It does depend on the age of the printer, but normally a parts warranty is offered for six months.”

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. “Customers buying used Inca printers are able to purchase the same support contracts as new customers. There are different levels of support which offer varying options on parts, labor, and response times, for example.”

Offer upgrades: No. “In general, an upgrade is not available on used equipment.”

Training: Yes. “Training is available either on the customer’s site or at an Inca-approved training center. This varies from operator training to more detailed training that enables the customer to carry out more involved maintenance. RIP and color-management training is also available through our distributor.”

Manuals offered: Yes. “While hard copies of our manuals are usually available for our most recent machines, an electronic version is always available.”

Shipping/Installation: Yes. “If sold through Inca Digital/Fujifilm Sericol, these are coordinated by Fujifilm Sericol.”