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OEM Used Programs

(April 2010) posted on Tue May 04, 2010

Some printer manufacturers offer previously used printers

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By JP Pieratt

Additional charges: “As with any machine sold, the price will consist of the base machine, delivery, installation, training, and support. The purchaser of a used press can always decide what they would like to be included, or not. From that point of view, this is no different from purchasing a new machine.”

Tips: “Consideration should be given to the condition of the printer and whether regular servicing has been conducted—in particular, how well it has been maintained and cared for by the current owner. Any company wanting to dip its toe into the flatbed market could find some real benefits by picking up a second-hand Inca press at a lower price than a new machine, and building a business before taking a bigger step and buying a new machine. Of course, all reasonable evaluations should be taken to ensure that the machine fits the needs and expectations of the business. Machines offered privately through the Internet are not covered by any of the terms/topics covered above. We suggest ‘caveat emptor,’ although we will look at the machine and offer paid servicing.”

Previously owned program: “There is no formal program at this time, but we do sell pre-owned/used equipment.”

Where sourced: “They are typically our own demo or tradeshow units or, in rare instances, they come back from customers.”

Printers inspected: Yes. “We have a remanufacturing group that goes over all aspects of the printer ensuring proper performance.”

Warranties offered: Yes. “From a minimum of 30 days and upwards. We typically offer a six-month warranty on remanufactured Océ Arizona 250 GT printers. Our warranties provide full on-site service from an authorized Océ technician and cover standard parts, labor, and travel expenses. The warranty on remanufactured printers is no different than the original standard warranty other than the duration. By implementing a remanufacturing process, we are able to validate the integrity of the unit and thus support the warranty.”

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. “Absolutely.”

Offer upgrades: Yes. “During the remanufacturing process, we will perform all mandatory upgrades and safety modifications required. Accessories and optional upgrades are at the discretion of the customer and are performed on-site.”