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OEM Used Programs

(April 2010) posted on Tue May 04, 2010

Some printer manufacturers offer previously used printers

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By JP Pieratt

Training: Yes. “Basic ‘quick start’ training is included with the installation and is provided by the service technician. This covers operator maintenance and rudimentary printing of a file. Additional on-site application, software, and custom training is also available at an extra charge and is provided by our industry-experienced business
Consultants. The price includes all travel-related expenses.”

Manuals offered: Yes. “Manuals can be freely downloaded at anytime from”

Shipping/Installation: Yes. Charged separately from printer price. “Océ coordinates the shipping and provides forklifts and labor as part of the delivery charge.

Other: Delivery and any additional rigging equipment, Onyx RIP software (if required) as well as Starter Kits.

Additional charges: No.

Tips: “Choose carefully who you buy from. Buying from a small company or used-equipment dealer has greater inherent risk than buying from the manufacturer. Printers will eventually break down and require service. Be sure to get answers to the following: Is there a reliable service history or service provider that can attest to the condition of the printer? Will they continue to service and support the unit at an acceptable cost and timeframe after you purchase it?”

Seiko I Infotech
Previously owned program: No formal program. Offers discounted printers used at industry tradeshows, but does not offer any other used printers on a consistent basis. The discounted-printer program is managed internally and through its dealer network.

Where sourced: Printers that have been used at tradeshows, typically for three to four days.

Printers inspected: Yes. “All printers are inspected and tested by company personnel before shipping to customer sites.”

Warranties offered: Yes. “Standard warranties are offered on these ‘gently used’ printers.”

Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. “We currently offer second- and third-year service contracts for all printers.”

Offer upgrades: Yes. “Printer options such as mesh printing can be added to the printer at any time.”

Training: Yes. “It is included with the purchase
as well as basic color profiles for common

Manuals offered: Yes. “We make sure a full set of manuals accompanies the printers.”

Shipping/Installation: Dealer is responsible for coordinating shipping; installation depends on dealer and pricing.

Additional charges: n/a

Tips: “Buying used solvent printers should be done only by experienced operators, as original manufacturer warranties are usually expired. Consequently, expensive repairs may be needed more often with no safety net to buffer the unexpected costs. We have also seen many older printers sold to unsuspecting customers, who quickly learn that the printer was not properly maintained or was used for experimentation with non-recommended inks. In these circumstances, the printer often requires complete replacement of the ink system and inkjet heads, which destroys any cost savings. In summary, buying an older printer is much like buying an older car: If the history and maintenance of the printer is unknown, or if the character of the seller is questionable, it would be best to steer clear. And the old adage, ‘if it is too good to be true, then it probably is’ applies to used inkjet printers. Buying used printers for your business can be a prudent approach if certain requirements are met, but for most, buying a new printer makes the most business sense in the long run.”