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On-Demand Printers Sourcelist

(May 2007) posted on Sat May 12, 2007

High-speed presses for 4-color, variable-data output.

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By Peggy Middendorf

Kodak offers two lines of high-speed presses: NexPress and VersaMark. Both are modular systems that are capable of full VDP printing, but the sheetfed NexPress uses toner technology while the rollfed Versamark system features inkjet technology.

The NexPress machines use dry electrophotography 4-color toner and are compatible with a variety of paper and specialty substrates. Most presses offer 'operator replaceable components' (ORC) so print shops can replace parts themselves to optimize uptime and maintain overall performance. In addition, these presses offer a range of optional equipment (available on most units), including the NexPress fifth imaging unit (for spot colors, coating, and glossing), additional feeders, high-capacity delivery units, the Kodak NexStation IV front end, in-line booklet maker, and near-line Kodak NexGlosser.

The NexPress 2100 Plus is a sheetfed press that images up to 600-dpi resolutions. It accommodates substrates from 60 to 350 gsm and up to 14 x 20.5 in. This NexPress produces up to 2100 duplex letter-sized full-color pph. It also offers upgraded speed (to 2500 pph).

The NexPress 2500 images up to 2500 duplex letter-sized color pph and features resolutions up to 600 dpi. It now offers a speed upgrade option to match the print speeds of the S3000. With speeds topping out at 3000 duplex 4-color pages/hr, the new NexPress S3000 features an 11,000 sheet feeding capacity, 600-dpi resolution, and is compatible with a variety of substrates from 60 to 350 gsm. The new S3000 will begin shipping in October.

The mid-level NexPress M700 offers speeds up to 3840 pph, 1200 x 1200-dpi resolution, a 12.71-in. imaging width, compatibility with several uncoated and coated papers and specialty stocks, has a dual-fusing system to enable mixed media printing at production speeds, ORC capability, and a feeder capacity of 6000 sheets.

The Kodak Versamark V-series is a modular system with print widths up to 17.92 in. and resolutions as high as 300 x 1200 dpi. Featuring top speeds of 500 fpm, the V-series printers offer a choice of controllers, as well as pre-and post-production options such as roll unwind, perforating, fanfolding, sheeting, and stacking.