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Onyx RIPeXtend for Soft-Proofing Workflows

(February 2004) posted on Tue Feb 24, 2004

Eases production of cross-media jobs

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When the installed base of printers gets large enough, some third-party suppliers will enter the scene. Moshe Zach of Bordeaux Digital Print Ink Ltd. notes that manufacturers dedicated to digital inks are more willing to develop inks for unique niches. For example, in addition to a general-purpose ink, Bordeaux makes different ink types for different print modes, such as a fast-drying ink for fast throughput of large runs of superwide graphics at low resolutions. They also make a fluorescent ink for indoor applications, and a textile ink for the NUR Blueboard. As graphic producers upgrade to new and different models of superwide printers, they can put their old machines to work for new markets.