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Pantone Introduces Goe System

(September 2007) posted on Fri Sep 14, 2007

New color specification solution.

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Pantone has unveiled its Pantone Goe System (pronounced 'go'), a new color-inspiration and color-specification system for the graphic-arts industry. Designed to work in concert with the company's Pantone Matching System, the Goe System features 2058 new Pantone colors and is based on a set of 10 Pantone Mixing Bases, plus Pantone Clear. It's designed, says Pantone to ensure color consistency on a global basis while keeping ink inventory to a minimum for printers. The new ink-mixing bases were created to deliver technically sound color standards that are compatible with aqueous and UV coatings. The colors have also been designed for printing uniform ink-film thicknesses to allow for equal drying times and more control when matching color on press.
Specifically, the Goe System includes:

* The Pantone GoeGuide: Presented in fan-guide format, the GoeGuide is the primary tool for selecting and communicating the 2058 Goe System Colors. Seven colors are represented per page, and each color is identified by a unique number along with its ink mixing formula and RGB values. Note: To avoid confusion, the Goe System uses a new three-part numbering system that is different from the Pantone Matching System.

* Pantone GoeSticks: All colors in the Goe System are available in a two-volume set of adhesive-backed color chips, six for each color, allowing designers to peel off a chip and place it where they want without using staples, glue, or tape. The GoeSticks also includes a Pantone palette playground for use as a test area to experiment with the chips; once a color palette is finalized, the chips can be permanently placed onto one of 30 palette cards supplied with the book for sharing and reference.

* myPantone Palettes: An interactive color workspace that provides an easy platform for selecting and working with colors. It integrates into any application that supports system-level color pickers, and provides multiple ways for designers to select colors through the software, including: color pickers, Pantone Palettes, Eye-dropper Tool, Color Blender, Color Schemes, and Image Palette Builder. After selecting individual colors, users can drag and drop them within the myPalettes area to create a color palette; they also can view any saved palettes, print, export, organize, and lock palettes, and edit individual color properties.

Price: $499, available October 2007. Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS 10.3 or higher.