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PDF Tools for Graphics Professionals

(July 2005) posted on Thu Jul 28, 2005

A sourcelist of products for compressing workflow.

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PDF offers those in the graphics marketplace an opportunity to
streamline their workflows. Today's PDF files can now not only
deal with different compression algorithms and flatten transparency
effects, but they can also carry fonts and embed ICC
profiles. Further, they can be edited during the prepress cycle,
which carries with it a major workflow benefit.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that PDF-related technologies
are not standing still. More and more advanced tools for
PDF creation, editing, and workflow are constantly being brought
to market, giving print providers and other graphics technicians
even more ways to compress throughout. And although PDF hasn't
yet replaced all other print workflows, the advancing technology
makes this appear to be a likely scenario in the not-so-distant

What follows is a list of just some of the latest PDF workflow
solutions available. Note that we've primarily focused here on
"industrial-strength" tools for the professional graphic arts"?particularly
those oriented toward printed output. We have avoided
tools that are more geared to the general consumer or office-documents


Adobe Acrobat Professional, now in version 7.0, enables users to
assemble electronic or paper files, websites, or e-mails and create
Adobe PDF documents. Version 7 features attachment capabilities
that allow users to attach documents such as spreadsheets,
multimedia files, images, and drawings to PDFs. Also
available is Acrobat Standard, which features tools for sharing
information and commenting on electronic files.


Agfa's :Apogee Power Converter features tools to automate the
conversion of legacy file formats to high-resolution PDF files. Its
automatic file detection and drag-and-drop interface aids in producing
an uninterrupted PDF workflow. Power Converter also has
the ability to generate screened PDF or PostScript files to allow
users to view color-accurate soft proofs of converted files, as
well as enabling user-defined spot colors with ICC-based color
management. Importable file formats include: TIFF, TIFF/IT-P1,
nCT/nLW, CT/LW, and others.

Arts PDF

PDF Crackerjack, Version
5.0, from Arts PDF,
enables users to convert
RGB and CMYK to spot
color, and gives them the
ability to perform impositions,
verify Enfocus-
Cer tified PDFs, print
accurate color separations,
and preview and
control output. A hotfolder
desktop interface
helps users automate their workflow; they can also save and
reuse settings for consistent results. Plus, it can solve problems
related to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher files.