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PerfectProof Upgrades ProofMaster RIP to v. 2.1

(January 2006) posted on Thu Jan 05, 2006

Designed for high-end workflows

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PerfectProof has released version
2.1 of its ProofMaster software RIP.
Designed for high-end workflows, spot
colors, and multi-channel print jobs, the
upgrade features drivers for the Epson
4800/7800/9800 as well as the Canon
i9950 and i9900. It also supports DCS
2.0, DeviceN, and composite files containing
duotones, and allows the use
of the open CxF color library format for
the set-up and exchange of customized
spot-color definitions.

ProofMaster 2.1 supports PDF/X, Post-
Script, and native file formats, soft proofing,
and workflow automation. It's available as a
free upgrade for ProofMaster Folio/Mezzo/
Grande/Dalmation v.2.x users.