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PerfX Color Management Pro From TGLC Self-Adjusts Color

(August 2004) posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004

Makes color corrections on a real-time basis

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PerfX Color Management Pro, from Telegraphique
L.C. (TGLC), is color-management
software that uses "neural network technology"
to self-adjust color and make its
own color corrections on a real-time basis.

Designed to be an out-of-the-box solution
without complicated Windows or Mac
OS X installations, the turnkey solution permits
ICC profile creation for IT8/7.2 reference
targets as well as CMYK color-printing
targets. The software contains advance
controls for black generation, and allows
the custom creation of characterization targets
to desired page sizes. Profiles include
a statistical report that is integrated on a
special ICC profile tag that includes the profile's
gray-balance values, ink densities,
and dot gain. Working sessions are automatically
backed up to the system.

The Perfx Color Management Pro package
includes: Perfx Color Management Pro
software on CD-ROM; Perfx RX Target Wide
Gamut; Perfx Color Server software on CDROM;
Perfx Color Recipes software on CDROM;
Perfx Monitor Calibrator-CL; X-Rite's
DTP41 spectrophotometer; a USB dongle
protection key; and user guides. (TGLC: