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Pictures at a Soggy Exhibition

(November 2007) posted on Thu Nov 15, 2007

Underwater art display a wet success.

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Professional undersea photographer Noram Kortler recently opened an exhibition of his work, "Treasures of the Sea." If you wanted to attend the exhibition, however, you didn’t have to rent a tux-instead, you needed to don your wetsuit because the exhibition was underwater.

Kortler’s 40 images were displayed at the bottom of the Red Sea, off Bar Beach in Eilat, Israel during early October. The 20 x 28- and 14 x 20-inch photos were printed on a Nur Tempo Q printer by Nur Macroprinters onto PVC boards. No lamination was necessary, says Kortler, but to ensure the images would not float away, they were attached by string to bags of sand.

The exhibition was free, and snorkel-equipped visitors as well as experienced divers enjoyed the selection of photos floating a few feet above the bottom of the sea floor. With the success of this first event, the mayor of Eilat wants to make the exhibition a yearly event.