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Prime Cut

(February 2011) posted on Fri Feb 04, 2011

More than 50 sources of cutters, cutting systems, and routers.

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Alpha Systems
Alpha Systems’ DXB series of routers are geared for sign and advertising shops, and for cutting and engraving plastic, acrylic, and other materials; available in sizes from 14 x 14 x 2-in. to 47 x 95 x 4 in. Its four series of cutting plotters include the GL Cutting Plotter, particularly aimed at wide-format graphics and packaging; available in sizes from 79 x 126 in. to 165 x 204 in.

Anderson America
Offers eight series of CNC routers, including the ACut Cutting System, an industrial cutting system specifically engineered for sign and graphics shops. The ACut system feature Esko’s i-cut vision system, a water-cooled router spindle, a fixed table gantry with six vacuum zones, three different types of knives, and more. Table size is 8 x 4.2 ft.

AXYZ International
Its range of CNC Knife Systems can process a wide range of materials, from graphic foam boards and corrugated cardboard and plastic to vinyl, rubber, fabrics, and more. Each system can be equipped with several different styles of knife head options, including: tangential knife, oscillating tangential knife, and heavy-duty drag knife. Also offers CNC router systems and CNC laser/plasma systems.

Beam Dynamics
Acquired by Coherent Inc. in early 2010, Beam offers a trio of laser machining centers, including the LightCell, with a 48 x 48-in. cutting area; OmniBeam, the company’s most versatile machine for cutting a wide range of materials (non-metals up to 25mm and metals up to 2mm); and MetaBeam, optimized for metal cutting.

CET Color
The X-Press CNC router is designed to handle media up to 2-in. thick and includes Ucancam Routing software allowing the user to produce 3D signage. The router also supports G-code data format, which allows for the importing of graphics from other software. Available in two table sizes, 4 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft, the router features a steel-base frame, aluminum vacuum table, and one-piece X/Z axis beam construction.

The Colex Flatbed Cutter is available in two sizes: 4 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft. The cutter features a welded steel frame, working surface with high-flow air-grid pattern, Panasonic servo motors, a triple tool head for cutting and routing, and more. A heavy-duty router spindle is optional. The company is also the exclusive North American distributor of Fotoba cutters (see Fotoba listing).