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PrinTop II Workflow Software From Nur

(December 2005) posted on Wed Dec 21, 2005

Gives Expedio and Tempo users workflow and waste control.

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NUR Macroprinters has introduced
PrinTop II, a workflow software introduced
to give Nur Expedio and Tempo
printer users the ability to better control
their workflow as well as waste. The software
includes a new GUI to shorten user
learning curve and reduce user error,
and features a single window for all common
production operations such as job
control, press status, printhead control,
substrate motion, and tools.

Additional new features include: job
editing capabilities while printing; job
tracking capabilities; smart job tickets
for process management; revamped job
queuing and management; a single-click
print manager for system configuration;
a job storage folder; a report generator;
and automatic calibration.