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ProDigital II SLR from Leaf and Mamiya

(December 2005) posted on Wed Dec 21, 2005

Available in 17- and 22-Mpxl versions

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Leaf America has teamed with Mamiya
to introduce the ProDigital II, a 22-Mpxl
digital SLR that builds upon the original
ProDigital camera released in 2003.
Comprising the new Mamiya 645AFDII
medium-format camera with a Leaf
Aptus back (introduced last year), the
ProDigital II is available in 17- and 22-
Mpxl versions.

The ProDigital II enables photographers
to focus and shoot fast, with
its 1.2 frames/sec capture rate, and
the ability to do so in tethered or untethered
mode.The new SLR boasts an
array of features, including: a full-frame
CCD dual sensor; 16-bit color depth;
3.5-in. touch-screen LCD, user-selectable
Selective Spot Focus or Wide Focus
modes; separate user configurations
for various photographers using the
same camera; and 36 custom functions
(including aperture/shutter speed
increments, flash synch speed, and
exposure compensation increments).

Images can be captured on compact
flash cards, 20-GB Leaf digital magazines,
or self-powered FireWire hard

Street prices: ProDigital 22, $33,593;
ProDigital 17, $22,593.