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Produce PDFs with pdfMachine

(August 2004) posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004

Print driver can open and assemble PDFs

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PdfMachine 9.6, from Broadgun Software,
is a Windows print driver that produces
PDF files in seconds, preserving the
integrity of the original files. PdfMachine
can open and assemble any PDF file,
including encrypted PDFs and those not
created by pdfMachine. Sticky-note-style
annotations and comments are also visible
via a prompt.

The driver can be started in standalone
mode with no PDF loaded. Microsoft
Office documents such as Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, and Outlook can be converted
to PDFs by simply clicking on pdf-
Machine in the MS Office toolbar while the
program windows are open. PdfMachine
also autogenerates hyperlinks to Web
URLs and e-mail addresses within PDFs.

Users can scan documents directly to
PDF format; true type fonts are supported.
Pages can easily be inserted, appended,
rotated, deleted, and rearranged within a
PDF file. An N-Up printing feature allows
users to shrink several pages onto one
page, which saves paper and enables
booklets to be made. Languages supported
include: English, Arabic, Hebrew, all
Asian languages, and many others. Price:
$49, single-user license. (Broadgun Software: