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Progressive Color Media Joins Jetrion

(March 2005) posted on Tue Mar 29, 2005

Flink Ink subsidiaries integrate operations.

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Progressive Color Media LLC, the supplierof color-management workflow solutions, is joining Jetrion, which provides industrial inkjet products and services. Both companies are subsidiaries of Flint Ink Corporation.

"This move provides Progressive Color Media with more resources to develop the full potential of color-management services," says Kenneth Stack, president of Jetrion. "With integrated operations, Progressive Color Media gains access to Jetrion's established sales channel, and Jetrion adds color-management capabilities to our portfolio of customer services. This enables us to provide an enhanced spectrum of products and services to current customers, and supports our ever increasing participation in digital color printing."

The staff, services, experience, and resources of Progressive Color Media staff, services, and resources will continue to be available for all current and future customers of Flint Ink through the Jetrion organization, reports Stack. (Jetrion:; Progressive Color Media: