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Protecting Aesthetics

(July 2012) posted on Tue Jul 10, 2012

More than 30 sources of laminators to add the perfect finishing touch.

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Graphic Finishing Partners
The new 200 Series Professional Cold laminators in 33- and 55-in. widths are designed for cold lamination, mounting, and pre-mask applications. The 230C and 255C Series features: ½-in. and 1-in. variable roll gap, respectively; variable speeds; large nip rollers; and single-pressure adjustment. The 400 Series Professional Top Heat laminators are available in 55- and 63- in. widths.

HOP Inc.
HOP offers the tabletop TCC2700, a 27-in. roll laminator that accepts up to 5-mil thick laminating film and can be used to mount materials ¼-in. thick.

Lamina System AB
The Lamina Basic, FA, FAS, and SA series from Sweden-based Lamina Systems are sheet-to-sheet semi-automatic laminator/mounters, available in widths of 43 to 63 in. The FA, FAS also available in 43- to 63-in. widths (for thicker bottom-sheet material), and high-speed Blackline series are the company’s fully automatic offerings. A manual version is also available. Distributed in the US by Graphic West Packaging Machinery (

The Digital Heat Shoe is designed to laminate large graphics using films up to 10-mils thick at speeds up to 12 ft/min. Available in 42- and 60-in. versions, the Digital mounts with hot or cold adhesives, and can simultaneously mount and laminate. The company also offers the Econocraft (44 and 60 in.), a cold laminator, and the Signmaster 44, a hot/cold machine.
Other Ledco machines include: the 25-in. HD 25 Workhorse, the 30-in. HS 30 Thoroughbred, the Industrial series (38 and 60 in.), the 25-in. Premier 4, the 27-in. Professor, and the XL Pouch (44 in.).

Marabu North America
Its StarLam 1600R roll-to-roll liquid laminator can handle substrates up to 64-in. wide and features rotating metering rods, a self-contained cleaning system, and an advanced drying technique. Designed for single-operator use, it boasts a speed of up to 4 ft/min.