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Protecting Aesthetics

(July 2012) posted on Tue Jul 10, 2012

More than 30 sources of laminators to add the perfect finishing touch.

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Italy-based Neolt newest laminator is the Neolam PE for cold laminating and mounting. Available in 43-, 55-, and 65-in. sizes, this machine can handle media up to 1.18-in. thick and its running speed is 13 ft/min. Other laminators include: the 65-in. Neolam 1650E laminator offers a heated upper roller for cold lamination; and the CE (43 and 55 in.) and C (43, 65, and 81 in.) laminators are for cold lamination. Also available are the NeoLam M (43 and 65 in.), Dual F (65 and 81 in.), S (43 and 65 in.) and H (43, 65, and 80 in.) series of hot and cold laminators.

Neschen Americas
Neschen offers an array of laminators under its Seal brand including the Seal 54 EL, a 54-in. wide entry-level, cold-roll laminator and the Seal 80 Pro, an 80-in. wide mounter, laminator, and encapsulator that accommodates materials up to 1.5-in. thick. Other features include: feed table with integrated tensioning rollers, roll/image trough, and flip-down image guide; flip-up pull rollers; Combi-supply shafts; ergonomic touch pad control panel on a pivot arm; output slitters; automatic upper take-up shaft; and more.
Also available: Seal Image 600md (61 in., dual-heat, bi-directional); 62 Pro; 54/62 Base; UltraPlus Series (five models total); and the ProSeal 44 pouch laminator. Neschen also produces a variety of liquid coaters, including: the 18-in. Accu-18XE; 60-in. AccuCoat 1600; AccuCoat 3300; AccuCure 60 UV and the AccuCure 80 UV (60- and 80-in. wide, respectively); and AccuCure 72XUV.

Optima International
The 54-in. Optima RCS 5400 Minicoater uses water- or solvent-based laminates; the 110/220 V models can accommodate vinyl, canvas, photo-paper, Tyvek, and other types of media. Also offered is the 36-in. Convertible Rollacoat Liquid Laminator.

Pacific Studio Supplies
The ACL460 is a 46-in. cold laminator designed for print providers and framers. The company’s MCL260 is a 26-in. motorized laminator geared toward professional photographers.

Polisigns Supplies
Offers the ENTM series of cold laminators and the ENHTM series of hot laminators, all in 54- and 66-in. wide models and all can now handle media up to 1-in. thick. The company also offers the 63-in. PLAII liquid laminator; 1300 EII 51-in. and 1600 EIV 66-in. cold laminators; and the Mini Manual cold laminator.