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Protecting Your Images

(February 2010) posted on Thu Mar 11, 2010

Laminates and graphics protection from more than 75 sources.

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By J.P. Pieratt

Bienfang Products
Array of specialty adhesive films. New is Bienfang RagMount low-melt designed for dry-mounting Giclée prints and fine-art prints to paper. Also, Texturing and Finish Guard UV films in various finishes and textures for fine-art applications.

Breathing Color
Glamour 2 Veneer is a canvas/ giclée varnish that is water-based and non-yellowing; available in gloss or matte.

Bulldog Products
Fine-art/canvas coatings include Ultra glossy/gloss/semi-gloss (liquid or aerosol); AquaLam gloss/satin (liquid); Dreamguard matte/satin (liquid); and Impasto textured gloss/satin (gel).

CalComp Graphic Solutions
Pressure-sensitive, cold-laminated PVC films include Artisan Econo, PS, Crystal PS, Polycarbonate PS, and PS Dry Erase; thermal-laminated cast films include gloss, satin, matte, clear.

Catalina Graphics
CM polyester films, CP polypropylene and polycarbonate films, CV flexible vinyl, and SRV embossed rigid vinyl.

Clear Focus
ClearLam optically clear polyester, pressure-sensitive, cold-mount overlaminate (flat installations only); CurvaLam conformable, glossy, cold-mount PVC for vehicle- and window-graphics; and PerfxCoat hot-mount coating for solvents (not recommended for aqueous or UV-cured inks).

UV-protective coatings include ClearShield for solvent-based and non-water-sensitive inks (gloss, semi-gloss, matte, satin); and ClearJet and ClearJet Fine Art for water-based and water-sensitive inks (gloss, semi-gloss, low gloss).

ThermaPro series of low-melt laminates available in high-gloss, matte (cut-to-size); Cold-mount pressure-sensitive Smooth overlaminate in glossy, luster, matte, and Elam (for dry-erase marker applications); Cold-mount pressure-sensitive Textured overlaminate in canvas, stipple, and Lexan.

D&K Group
Expression line of thermal, pressure-sensitive, and low-melt films and laminates, in various thicknesses, widths, and finishes; also available is its SuperStick line of heat-assist, linerless laminates.

Rollaguard liquid coating (gloss or satin finish) for outdoor signage as well as canvas fine-art prints. Also offers a line of cold laminates in gloss, luster, and matte.
Pressure-sensitive films include Protac, Interlam, and Interlam Eco; Heat-activated films include ArtShield, MediaShield, and MHL (low-temp). Available in various finishes. Liquid coatings include EnduraCoat Aqueous and InstaCure UV.

Tedlar PVF and PVF SP (Special Properties) line of overlaminates.

DuroTech Adhesive Products
DuroTech pressure-sensitive overlaminate films in matte, gloss, luster, scratch-resistant, and anti-glare finishes. Duromark is a 1-mil, polypropylene film for dry-erase applications.

Roll thermal and cold laminates in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses, and in gloss or matte finishes.

Epic Products
Various thermal and pressure-sensitive laminates, hot backing films and tissues, and low-melt films in gloss, matte, luster finishes.