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Protecting Your Images

(February 2010) posted on Thu Mar 11, 2010

Laminates and graphics protection from more than 75 sources.

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By J.P. Pieratt

FDC Graphic Films
FDC Series premium- and intermediate-grade pressure-sensitive laminating films for various applications in gloss, matte, and luster finishes.

Lamex cold- and hot-laminating films in gloss, luster, matte, clear, and textured finishes, as well as overlams with rigid backing.

BusArt, FlexMark, ClassicsPlus, FlexVu, and JetBond overlaminates. New is FlexMark floor art OV6604, a 25-mil, clear overlaminate for floor graphics, including carpet.

Jeti Liquid Laminate clear gloss coating. Acquired by Agfa in 2009.

Laminates include thermal films Octiva, Nap-Lam, and AccuShield in gloss, matte, luster, and textured finishes; Arctic pressure-sensitive laminates and adhesives in gloss, matte, luster, satin, and textured finishes; and HeatSeal laminating pouches. New is Nap-Lam II, a clear polyester film coated with a low-temperature copolymer adhesive in various finishes.

General Formulations
Concept pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated C1, C2 (clear), and M1 (matte) polyester films; VF (clear, luster, matte), SR5 (clear) vinyl and CAN (clear) embossed vinyl films; PC polycarbonate films (velvet, gloss); and PP2 polypropylene film (clear).

Gerber Scientific Products
PVC laminates include GerberGuard (3 mil, gloss), StrikeGuard (8 mil, gloss), UVGuard (1 mil, clear), and Luster (2 mil, gloss); also, EZ Guard liquid laminate.

Graphic Laminating
Durafilm pressure-sensitive, thermal, and low-melt films in matte, luster, gloss, satin finishes; also, laminating pouches.

Graphic Materials International
LM polyester, vinyl, and polypropylene adhesive laminate films in clear, gloss, matte, luster finishes. New is LM1MC, a 1.5-mil, matte-clear cast vinyl.

Graphics One
GO PermaFilm pressure-sensitive, cold laminate in gloss, matte; GO PermaShild liquid laminate.

Gregory Inc.
TrendFilm 2-mil, permanent adhesive in clear, gloss.

Lumijet Protective Spray is odorless, transparent, fast-drying, and non-yellowing.

Hexis USA
PVC and polyester laminates for various applications in gloss, matte, satin, embossed. New is PC30M2 1.2-mil, matte cast laminate for vehicle wraps.

Lyson Print Guard spray or brush-on lacquer laminates in satin or gloss, slow or fast dry.

Integument Technologies
Peel-and-stick FluoroGrip single-sided and double-sided films for protection against graffiti and the elements.

INX Digital International
Triangle Products-brand liquid laminates include ClearFlex (gloss and matte), Fleet ClearFlex (gloss, semi-gloss), ClearFlex ME (gloss), Ultra (gloss, semi-gloss), and CristalBond gloss for UV-curable prints.

Kapco Graphic Products
Offers pressure-sensitive (vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate) and thermal (low-melt and heat-assist) laminates in a variety of finishes.