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Putting the ‘Specialty’ in Finishing Tools

(May 2012) posted on Tue May 22, 2012

These 17 tools can help keep the production floor humming.

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Attacking Narrow Curves, Sharp Corners
Consew’s 503K Portable Electric Rotary Shear allows for the cutting of fabrics at high speeds, while easily accommodating narrow curves and sharp corners. Remove the tool’s base plate and the shear can also be used for slitting and trimming knitted fabrics. Features include: a grip-style switch bar (auto stop when not pressed); a six-sided, 2-in. carbide blade; shock protection; a worm gear drive; shielded ball bearings; and a built-in sharpener. Max cutting depth is 9/32-in. 110v standard; 220v optional. Consew also carries a full line of sewing machines, including single- and double-needle varieties.

Joining at High Speeds
Specifically aimed at the wide-format market, Miller Weldmaster’s 112 Extreme is a hot-air fabric welder for pre‐printed or printed media. The most recent generation of this machine adds to its seaming and cutting technologies with an optional Easy Slide Grommet system. Boasting a solid-steel frame construction, the 112 Extreme is designed to weld high‐speed hems, rope‐in‐hems, pockets, overlaps, backlit seams, and more. In addition to welding various industrial fabrics, it can also handle recyclable polyethylene. Available in sizes from 10 to 98 ft. The company offers a range of machines specifically engineered to the wide-format and signage markets.

A Banner Year
Supply55’s BannerPro is a professional-grade banner-welding system that offers numerous capabilities including hemming for grommets, pole pockets, and pocket sign fabrication. Constructed of steel, the heavy-duty BannerPro offers a weld length of 24 in. and a weld width of 0.2 in.; weld cycle time is 7 seconds. It features a foot-pedal, hands-free operation and solid-state electronics for consistent welds.

Static Stopper
Is static a problem in your shop? The StaticWisk graphics brushes from Kinetronics are designed to dissipate static electric charges on materials and improve production speed in manufacturing, and the brushes serve to reduce the static that attracts dust and lint. The StaticWisk brushes are made from conductive synthetic fibers, which are 1-5/8-in. long, and are mounted into a special extrusion that holds the brush in place. A 6-in. magnetic mounting system with double ball joint allows for quick and easy mounting to printing, folding, packaging, and manufacturing equipment. Each brush is furnished with a coiled grounding cord. In sizes from 4- to 25-in.