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Redhill Refines its YSL D2300S Printer

(June 2005) posted on Mon Jun 06, 2005

Improves speed and adds vacuum hold-down

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Redhill's YSL D2300S printer has been
completely redesigned from its introduction
at last year's SGIA as the 2300D, says
the company. Redhill has ramped up the
speed on the D2300S (which is based on
the Shanghai Yaselan line of machines,
with Redhill's modifications for Western
print shops). The printer now offers print
speeds up to 346 sq ft/hr in production
mode (versus 300 sq ft/hr as the
2300D). The 87-in., 6-color (CMYKcm) solvent-
based machine is designed for
shops that need to print near photo-quality

The 14-picoliter drop Konica printheads
have gone through a manufacturing
revision to address "side walking."
And the media-feed system now incorporates
a vacuum hold-down, which
eliminates head crashes against the

The YSL D2300S runs a true 720 x 720
dpi (but the prints look like 1200 dpi,
reports Redhill), has a new automatic
alignment system for ease in setup, and
comes standard with the Scanvec Amiable
Photoprint DX RIP.

Price: $45,000. (Redhill Inkjet: