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Remote Director 3.0 From ICS

(November 2004) posted on Fri Nov 19, 2004

New version available in multiple languages

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Integrated Color Solutions has announced
Remote Director 3.0 (RDV3), a new version
of its SWOP-certified, monitor-based
contract-proofing system. This latest version
of Remote Director is capable of providing
color accuracy on both Mac and
Windows-based computers, allowing the
software to successfully display accurate
color across any platform combination.
Another new feature is its ability to produce
a smooth and fluid workflow in any
language; French, Spanish, German, and
Chinese are initially available.

"The multi-platform option and localization
capability opens the door to an
entire world of users who are eager to shift
toward an all-digital workflow," says Jeffrey
Silverman, ICS president and CEO.
"RDV3 meets the demands of agencies,
their clients, and printers by allowing each
of them to view color-accurate proofs with
confidence across all platforms and languages

As with previous incarnations of
Remote Director, RDV3 works directly with
digital asset or content-management systems,
supports both RGB and CMYK workflows,
and uses ICC profiles. It also supports
a variety of formats, including TIFF,
PDF, EPS, and JPG, as well as all active Photoshop
images. There is no limit on file size. (Integrated Color Solutions: