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Rigid Proliferation

(October 2009) posted on Thu Oct 29, 2009

Print providers have more options than ever when choosing a rigid media.

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American Permalight
The photoluminescent PermaLight rigid media (PVC or aluminum) can be used with solvent and UV-curable flatbed printers. Available in 0.045- to 0.059-in. thicknesses and a glossy or matte surface.

Bienfang Products
MightyCore is available in 8.33- to 32 sq-ft sheets in white, white-on-black, black-on-black (1/4-, 1/2-in. thicknesses) and white-on-black-on-black (1/4-in. thickness only). MightyCore is compatible with solvent and UV-curable inkjet inks.

Specifically for the flatbed market, MightyPrint Glossy combines MightyCore’s rigidity with dual-sided, high-gloss paper liners; available in 1/4-in. thickness. UnStik pressure-sensitive foamboard is available in repositionable and permanent variations, two color options (white and black-on-black), and in 3/16-in. thickness.

Booksmart Studio
The company’s inkjet-printable Fine Art Metals, designed for fine-art applications, are aluminum and gold coated with an inkjet-receptive clear gloss. Available in a five finishes—Brushed Silver, Matte Silver, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, and Satin White—the metals are produced in sizes from 8.5 x 11 in. to 20 x 60 in., and in thicknesses of 0.005, 0.012, and 0.016 in.

Catalina Graphics
Offers a line of CV rigid vinyl (non-plasticized) media in various sizes and thicknesses. Gloss and matte finishes available.

Coastal Enterprises
Precision Board High Temperature (PBHT) and Low Temperature (PBLT) Urethane boards can be digitally printed using inkjet. Available in thicknesses from 1/2 to 20 in. and in sheets up to 5 x 10 ft.

Enviroboard FR (Flame Retardant) and Enviroboard MR (Moisture Resistant) are rigid boards designed as a multi-ply alternative to traditional foamboard and corrugated plastic boards; print on both sides. Available in sheets for flatbed UV printing applications. Hydros-Board is a flame-retardant poster board available in 7- and 14-point; used for UV as well as other digital print methods, plus screen and offset.

Cooley Group
Compatible with most solvent-based printing systems, CoolFlex Rigid is a 15-mil (custom thicknesses available) rigid PVC sheet that’s engineered for use with multi-image billboard systems. Available in 48 in. x 150-lb rolls.

DaVinci Technologies
Its 14-mil rigid vinyl is available in gloss white or translucent and is compatible with solvent and mild-solvent inks; and designed for applications where flexible rigidity is desired.