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Rigid Proliferation

(October 2009) posted on Thu Oct 29, 2009

Print providers have more options than ever when choosing a rigid media.

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Design Force
Re-board sandwich board is a 100% recyclable sandwich board with craft liner; water-resistant and flame-retardant; available in various thicknesses and sizes. Designed for outdoor applications, Out-board is a polymer-laminated, paper board-based composite material, which provides a water vapor barrier. Available in sheets: 50 x 70 in. and 720 mµ thick.

Decorative Panels International
GreenCore Rigid Print Media (RPM) is a two-sided, ultra-smooth board designed for UV-curable as well as dye-sub printing. Made from raw materials, the media is biodegradable. Available in matte finish 1/8- and 1/4-in. thickness and in 4 x 8 ft sheets.

Foamalite Ltd.
Ireland-based Foamalite’s products are foamed PVC sheets. Available standard with polyethylene masking on one side or without coating, Foamalite offers a smooth finish for use as P-O-P displays and is available in thicknesses from 1 to 19 mm and in a range of colors. Designed for digital printing, Foamalite DigiWhite has a smooth, brilliant-white surface for high-res printing. Gilman Brothers is the US master distributor.

Gilman Brothers
Gilman Brothers offers many foamboards that can be directly printed using solvent and UV-curable inkjets. The boards are available in a variety of thicknesses (1/16 to 3 in.), sizes (up to 48 x 192 in.), densities, and surfaces. All feature the Reveal extruded polystyrene foam center.

InSite Reveal has a bright-white paper exterior over a foam with memory; also available with adhesive-coated or acid-free liners. Insite Biodegradeable is the latest addition to the InSite foamboard line; it contains a biodegradeable polystyrene foam center made from 15% or more recycled content and is faced with smooth, bright-white paper liners formulated from wood products certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative. InSite Polycoated offers a polyethylene-coated paper surface that creates a barrier to moisture and humidity. InSite Reveal Magnet-Receptive Foamboard features a printable paper surface with a ferrous film under it. InSite Flame Resistant features flame-resistant paper liners on both sides of the extruded polystyrene foam, which can be utilized for trade-show exhibits, retail signage, theaters, and other public places.