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Rigid Report

(July 2011) posted on Wed Jul 27, 2011

More than 40 sources of rigid media.

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The company’s InSite series of media includes: InSite Reveal, a bright-white paper exterior over memory foam; also available with adhesive-coated or acid-free liners. Insite Biodegradable is a standard, paper-faced memory foamboard with a biodegradable rigid foam center and SFI-certified paper liners. InSite Polycoated offers a polyethylene-coated paper surface that creates a barrier to moisture and humidity. InSite Reveal Magnet-Receptive Foamboard features a printable paper surface with a ferrous film under it. And InSite Flame Resistant features flame-resistant paper liners on both sides of the extruded polystyrene foam, which can be utilized for tradeshow exhibits, retail signage, theaters, and other public places.
Ryno Board has an extra heavy-duty paper exterior and Reveal polystyrene interior. It offers good warp-resistance and dimensional stability for applications that require a stronger substrate. Also available with heat-activated or pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side.

A heavy-duty, polystyrene-faced foamboard, Duraplast offers good dimensional stability, is warp-resistant, and provides a clean, crisp edge for cutting and finishing. Duraplast Biodegradable is a 100% recyclable, all-plastic foamboard consisting of a biodegradable polystyrene foam center faced with waterproof, biodegradable polystyrene liners. Both are available in 3/16- to 2-in. thicknesses and up to 48 x 96-in. widths. Stylite is a polystyrene foam sheet with no facers used for applications where a dimensional look is required; available in 3/8- to 3-in. thicknesses and 48 x 96-in. widths.

Hartman offers a line of HartBoard substrates that can be used with pigment or dye-based aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inks. A printable clay-coated, foam-centered board, HartBoard offers either a satin or matte surface, thickness of 1/8 or 3/16 in., and sheet sizes from 20 x 30 to 48 x 96 in. Harty is a 1/4-in., ultra-rigid, clay-coated, foam-centered board available in sheet sizes of 40 x 60 and 48 x 96 in. and now in a brighter white. HartLite, an acid-free, environmentally friendly foamboard, is available in 1/8- or 3/16-in. thicknesses, in sheets from 20 x 30 to 48 x 96 in.

Other printable Hartman foamboards include color-coated HartCote (3/16-in.-thick and up to 40 x 60-in. sheets), and an all-plastic HartPlus with a smooth white surface (1/4-in. thick in 48 x 96-in. sheets).