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Rigid Report

(July 2011) posted on Wed Jul 27, 2011

More than 40 sources of rigid media.

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Kommerling USA
Komatex is a lightweight, closed-cell, free-foam, rigid PVC sheet with a matte finish and is available in a range of thicknesses, sheet sizes, and colors. Komacel Plus is a PVC foam sheet with a semi-rough surface that gives the finished digital print an aged look. The lightweight substrate can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and is available in 10-, 13-, 16-, and 19-mm thicknesses and a sheet size of 48 x 96 in.; 48 x 120-in. size sheets are available on request. Also available in an embossed version. KomaAlu is a 3-mm printable sheet designed for outdoor applications; comprising two aluminum sheets sandwiching a polyethylene core, it features a durable surface for both interior and exterior uses. Sheets are available in 2 mm, 48 x 96 in. white/white; 3 mm, 60 x 12 in. gloss white/matte white; and 3 mm, 48 x 96 in. white/black. KomaFoam is a lightweight, polystyrene foam core rigid panel suitable for a variety of graphic and P-O-P display applications. It can be printed on a UV flatbed digital printer, screen printed, and die cut. In 1/8- and 3/16-in. widths, and in 40 x 60- and 48 x 96-in. sheets.

Laminators Incorporated
Omega TerraMax is an eco-friendly, lightweight composite board specifically designed for digital printing. It features a honeycomb core, smooth, double-sided, white surface, and is available in 10-mm thicknesses in 4 x 8-ft sheets. Omega-Bond panels are rigid, lightweight, and feature double-sided painted aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core, designed to prevent bowing, warping, swelling, and de-lamination. Alumalite features a corrugated plastic core, and double-sided aluminum for stability and strength; wind- and weather-resistant, it routs and cuts easily. LusterBoard is painted aluminum bonded to both sides of a furniture-grade plywood core; available in 12 colors. The lightweight 3-mm D-Lite panels comprise a high-gloss aluminum surface bonded to a corrugated plastic core and are available in 12 colors; no surface prep required. Omega-EP is a durable, lightweight, economical expanded PVC graphic board with dent and scratch resistance. Pro-Lite comprises painted aluminum faces bonded to a 10-mm corrugated plastic core that is resistant to water and UV light.