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Rock 'n' Roll Media

(August 2015) posted on Tue Oct 27, 2015

As media offerings have grown more versatile, you and your customers have new factors to consider when shopping for substrates.

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By Kiersten Feuchter

Let’s go back to one of our media sourcelists from 1997: “Dozens of companies now offer inkjet media in widths 24 inches and greater” (July 1997, p. 90). Purchasing from a third-party media manufacturer was often the exception, rather than the rule, but, our author continued, “the list is sure to grow.” And grow it has, not only in quantity, but also in diversity.

“Printers now have a variety of products to consider, suitable for different timeframes and niche applications,” says Nazdar SourceOne’s Judy Heft.

And there are other factors to remember, as well. “More and more PSPs [are] expanding into new markets, particularly in three key areas: soft signage, décor, and ‘greener’ print,” says María Jesús Pérez Rodríguez of HP.

With this in mind, we’ve provided you with a brief playlist, a sampling of this year’s new roll media products. (Check out "Magnetic Media: Easy Come, Easy Go" and "Wallcoverings' Creative Awakening" for a look at these specialties.) Before reading, consider what’s important to you and your customers: Eco-friendliness? Color? Versatility?

What will be your best purchase?

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