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(May 2013) posted on Fri May 03, 2013

The venerable rollfed printer remains a critical output tool.

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Seiko Instruments USA
The ColorPainter H2 series of mild-solvent inkjet printers from Seiko Instruments USA ( comprises two models: the 104-in. H2-104s and the 74-in. H2-74s. The printers offer two inkset choices: CMYK x 2, or 8-color (CMYKcm + gray and light gray); the gray inks allow for real gradation, light shadows, and metallic texture, Seiko reports. Top speed is 1075 sq ft/hr for 4-color configuration (538 sq ft/hr for 8-color); the H2 printers offer a maximum resolution of 900 dpi. Other features include: Dynamic dot printing technology, jetting three different drop sizes per print pass; SmartPass 3 technology for non-interleaving printhead control and banding reduction; Smart Nozzle Mapping; and CP Manager printer control software. A Mesh Printing Kit is optional.

The ColorPainter H2P-104s and H2P-74s offer a high capacity 4-color ink system (CMYK x 2), and new low-solvent VX inks for high-speed printing. Key features include: a large-capacity ink reservoir (8 liters/color); dynamic dot printing (DDP) technology; Smart Pass Technology 3 to minimize banding; Smart Nozzle Mapping; and more. Top resolution is 900 dpi.

Also available are the W-64s/W-54s, the V-64s, and the H-104s/H-74s printers.

SID Signs
The SID Titan series from SID Signs ( comprises the Titan L 320, Titan 320, and Titan GT 320. All three Titan models are 6-color (CMYKcm) 126-in. printers, and all offer a top resolution of 720 dpi. Print speeds vary: 247 sq ft/hr max for the L 320; 818 sq ft/hr max for the 320; and 914 sq ft/hr max on the GT 320. Solvent or eco-solvent inks. SID also offers its Triton (including the Triton TX for textiles) and Mercury series of rollfed printers, as well as the Xpress; recently introduced is the Neutrino with Memjet technology.

Splash of Color
The HeatWave series of printers from Splash of Color ( includes a trio of direct-to-fabric sublimation printers: the 64-in. DFP-64 v2, the 74-in. DFP-74 v2, and the 104-in. DFP-104 v2. All of the HeatWave models can print directly onto coated or uncoated polyester fabrics and offer a high-capacity bulk-ink system (8 bottles, 1000 ml each). Top resolution is 1440 dpi on the DFP-64 and DFP-104; 720 dpi on the DFP-74. The DFP-74 can reach speeds up to 548 sq ft/hr (at 270 x 360 dpi). A Roland VersaWorks RIP is standard.

Summa USA’s ( 54-in. DC4 print-and-cut system utilizes thermal-transfer technology. Features include an eight-station ribbon changer; variable-width vinyl handling; a range of special print modes (including Double Density for backlit images); and more. Top print speed on the DC4 is 92 sq ft/hr (spot); 35sq ft/hr (process). Maximum cut speed is 24 in./sec. SuperControl RIP+Cut software is included. Also available is the DC4sx, in 24- and 30-in. widths.

Built for high-volume, continuous production, the TeckPro UV3200 from Teckwin USA ( offers 6-color (CMYKcm) + white capabilities, 800-dpi resolution, and speeds up to 990 sq ft/hr (8-pass hi-fidelity speed is 237 sq ft/hr). The UV3200 can output onto one or two rolls of media (64 in.) and one or two files at a time in any combination, up to an oversized print width of 130 in. Features include: dual UV systems with shutter controls; an LED light table for backlit printing; Caldera GrandRIP+; and AuroraTeck Flex UV pigmented inks. A white-ink kit is optional.

ZBE’s ( Chromira 5x 50 is a digital RA4 printer with the ability to image 50-in.-wide prints full bleed. Designed for custom and commercial imagers, the Chromira 5x 50 features: the ability to handle any RA4 media (including backlit display films); easy and fast loading and unloading; 300-pixels/in. image resolution (425-ppi visual resolution with ZBE’s Resolution Enhancement Technology); integration with many workflows; black-and-white support; and more. Speed is approximately 16 in./minute (at 50-in. wide).
Other ZBE roll-to-roll printers include the Chromira 5x 30, the 1x 50, and the 1x 30.