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(May 2013) posted on Fri May 03, 2013

The venerable rollfed printer remains a critical output tool.

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The HP Scitex XP2500 (10.5-ft-wide) and XP5500 (16.6-ft) printer models are 4-color UV printers that can print simultaneously on up to three rolls of media and can utilize HP Specialty Billboard Scitex Inks to achieve high ink coverage. Both have a top resolution of 360 dpi and come standard with Caldera GrandRIP+ or Onyx ProductionHouse RIPs. Top speed on the XP2500 is 2850 sq ft/hr; the XP5500 tops out at 3500 sq ft/hr. Options include a double-sided printing kit and HP Vertical Cutter kit (XP2500 only).

On the Designjet side of things are the 61-in. HP Designjet L26500 and the 104-in. HP Designjet L28500 printer. Both systems are 6-color (CMYKcm) rollfed printers and feature: HP 792 Latex Designjet Inks, designed to produce rich blacks and glossy results; produce 1200-dpi output; can print on a broad range of materials, including eco-solvent-compatible media and low-cost uncoated options; feature double-sided print capabilities and are optimized to work with new HP Double-sided HDPE Reinforced Banner, an alternative to PVC scrim. The printers are engineered to address customers entering the soft-signage market, reports HP, adding a front tension system and edge holders to help improve on image quality, an HP Optical Media Advance Sensor to automatically control registration, and a Soft Media loading accessory. Other applications include P-O-P displays, bus shelters, vehicle graphics, and more. Both models can accommodate media up to 0.5-mm thick and feature robust takeup reels.

The Designjet L26500’s speed ranges from 246 sq ft/hr (4-pass) to 68 sq ft/hr (16-pass); the Designjet L28500 delivers speeds up to 70% faster than the L25500/L26500, with a range of 753 sq ft/hr (2-pass) to 99 sq ft/hr (16-pass).

Other rollfeds in the Scitex lineup include: the LX600, LX820, and LX850 Latex printers; the XP5100 UV printer; and the TJ8350 (solvent) and TJ8600 (UV) presses; the TJ8600 now offers a new P-O-P print mode with enhanced image quality designed for printing text, barcodes, and fine details, such as QR codes, and it’s now compatible with 20-pt. thick substrates such as styrene. In the Designjet lineup, other models include: the Z5200 PostScript printer (embedded PS/PDF support and embedded spectrophotometer) and Z6200, Z2100, Z3200, and Z5200 Photo printers (all aqueous); the Designjet 130 (aqueous); and more.