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Royal Sovereign Adds Laminators

(February 2008) posted on Tue Feb 26, 2008

PSA overlaminate film also available.

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Royal Sovereign has introduced two new machines based on its 55-in. RSC-1400C cold laminator, which offers speeds up to 16.4 ft/min and accommodates media up to 0.6-in. thick.

The RSC-1400L has the same features as the company’s 1400C unit, but includes rollers that are 50% larger in diameter. Wider rollers provide a longer dwell time for pressure-sensitive films to adhere to the graphics or mounting media, as well as minimizing difficulties when using thin or malleable films and print media. Price: $8135.

RSC-1400H adds a heat-assist roller to the 1400C model. The use of moderate heat with pressure-sensitive laminates improves the flow of adhesive for a faster, smoother bond. Price: $8135.

Plus, Royal Sovereign has announced Print-Pro 4.5-mil calendered, UV vinyl PSA overlaminate film. Designed for cold lamination of solvent and aqueous graphics, it’s available in gloss, luster, and matte finishes, and in 30- to 60-in. rolls.