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Samsung Releases First Digital SLR-GX-1S

(April 2006) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2006

6-Mpxl camera designed for D-Xenon lens

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Samsung has jumped into the digital
SLR camera market with the launch of
its 6-Mpxl GX-1S, developed in cooperation
with Pentax. Capable of continuous
shooting speed of 2.8 fps up
to 8 frames in JPEG mode or 5 fps in
RAW mode, the GX-1S was specifically
designed for use with the Schneider
Kreuznach D-Xenon 18mm-55mm lens,
and is also compatible with all Pentax
DSLR lenses.

"Through this partnership and the
GX-1S, we have an opportunity to make
an immediate impact in the DSLR space
and dramatically expand the range of
options available to consumers under
the Samsung brand," says Ken Gerb,
senior vice president of sales and marketing
at Samsung Camera.

The camera features a 23.5 x 15.7-
mm CCD image sensor with image sizes
that can be as large as 3008 x 2000
pixels in RAW or JPEG formats. Weighing
only 18 oz, the GX-1S features
exposures up to ISO 3200 for high-sensitivity
shooting indoors. The GX-1S
features a 2.5-in. LCD, as well as a small
LCD on the top of the camera, which displays
camera-operations information.
Its pentaprism viewfinder offers a 95%
field view and 0.95x magnification.

For accurate focusing, the GX-1S
incorporates an 11-pt AF sensor and a
choice of AF single or AF-continuous for
a variety of options. In addition, users
can choose from several White Balance
settings, 6 scene modes, and 8 shooting
modes"?including Portrait, Landscape,
Moving Object, and Macro.

The GX-1S will be available as a body
only, or bundled with the D-Xenon lens
as a kit. Price and release date to be