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Scanvec Amiable Announces PhotoPrint 5

(January 2006) posted on Thu Jan 05, 2006

Features white-ink support

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Scanvec Amiable has released version 5
of its PhotoPRINT RIP to the large-format
marketplace. Scanvec's PhotoPrint RIP is
available in five options: SE, a RIP solution
for a single workstation; DX, a layout and
design package that can RIP and print
to two printers at once; Server, for large
networked production environments;
Server-Pro, a client-server package; and
Server-Ultra, a client-server solution with
additional profiling capabilities.
Version 5 features the following

  • White-ink support on devices with
    white-ink functionality;

  • A "Rotate Image to Fit Media" feature
    to save media and avoid tiling;

  • Support for new color-measurement
    devices such as GretagMacbeth's iCColor
    and X-Rite's Pulse and DTP-34;

  • Printer simulation requires only an
    output profile instead of full set-up;

  • Presets can now include cut settings
    and can be added into Default Job

  • Users can view an image's color
    information by moving the cursor over
    the image preview;

  • Borderless printing devices are now
    supported; and

  • The Mac version now includes a Pantone
    Library and Global Color Mapping.
    Prices: SE, $995; DX, $1595; Server,
    $3495; Server-Pro, $4295; Server-Ultra,