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Sealing the Deal

(May 2009) posted on Mon Apr 27, 2009

More than 40 companies offering large-format laminators.

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The Ademco Phoenix 44-in. laminator comes in three models—Base, Roll, and Pro—and accepts media up to ¼-in. thick. All three models use pouch boards but can be converted for roll films.

Offerings include the thermal Mini, in widths ranging from 29 in. to 41 in.; the 30-in. Edgemaster 76 E encapsulator; and the 41-in. 105 CTP aqueous coater.

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The entry-level 45-in. Entry 4500 offers top and bottom heat and is available in 36-, 42-, and 44-in. widths. The ValueLam 4500 comes in the same widths and with the same standard features but has a more basic design and an MSRP roughly $3000 less than the Entry 4500. Additional products include the 27-in. Easy Lam, Easy Lam II, and Mighty Lam 2700.

The Sonny is a 55.1-in. table-top cold laminator that can accept media up to 1.96-in. thick. The 63-in. Genus 1600 can handle cold lamination and image mounting onto even slightly rough surfaces, and the 82.6-in. Genus 2100 has an upper heat roller and can accept media up to .96 in. thick. The 63-in. Queen is a laminator/encapsulator with upper and lower heat rollers. Also available: the 83-in. Splash UV liquid coaters and the Vulkan series of thermal laminators and encapsulators, which come in 66.1- and 81.2-in. widths.

The Bienfang Roller Press is a 42-in.-wide cold laminator/mounter that accepts media up to 1 in. Also available: the 25-in. MultiSeal 252 hot and cold laminator/encapsulator.

Coda Cold-Mount System mounts and laminates media up to 2-in. thick. The system is available in 26-, 34-, 44- and 54-in. widths. Coda also offers motorized and hand-operated versions of its Cold-Mount tabletop laminators in widths up to 54 in.

AppliPhase line of roll laminators.

D&K International
D&K offers several laminators ranging from 83 to 42 in. wide: The 83-in. Exp 83 cold laminator with a heated upper roller; the 63-in. Exp 63 thermal laminator with heated rollers; the 62-in. Exp 62 Plus for both thermal and pressure-sensitive lamination; the 44-in. Exp 44 Twin for low-temperature laminating; the 42-in. Exp 42 Plus, a heavy duty laminator designed for laminating low-temp, thermal, and pressure sensitive films; and the 42-in. Exp 42 Pouch tabletop laminator.