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Sealing the Deal

(May 2009) posted on Mon Apr 27, 2009

More than 40 companies offering large-format laminators.

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GBC's line of laminators includes the Catena (25- and 41- in. wide) and Artic (40- and 61-in. wide) cold laminators. GBC also offers the 79-in. 2080WFt, a top-heat laminator for pressure-sensitive films, and the 31-in. Discovery 80, a heat shoe laminator that uses infrared technology. Other hot and cold laminators include the 31-in. 5031TS, the 64-in 2064WF, the Signmaker (25- and 43 in.-wide), the Titan (43- and 61-in.-wide), the 64-in. Falcon 3064WF, and the 64-in. Orca 4064WF. (Note: GBC's commercial print finishing business was acquired by India-based Cosmo Films earlier this year; the acquisition is expected to close in Q2 2009.)

Golden Sign International
The GSD electric and hand-crank cold laminator is available in 51- and 63-in. widths; also available are hand-cranked cold laminators in widths up to 63 in.

Graphica Technologies
Graphica Tech produces the Bondmaster series of large-format laminators, which includes thermal, cold, and hot/cold models in widths ranging from to 38 to 62 in.

HOP offers the tabletop TCC2700, a 27-in. roll laminator.

Keundo Corp.
Its SupraCoater LR1600 and LR3300 liquid laminators offer widths of 63 and 126 in.

The LamiGorilla is available in heated, low-heat, and pressure-sensitive 55.1- and 63-in. models. The LamiMonkey machines, available in hot and hot/cold models, are available in 25.8- and 44.1-in. widths.

Lamina System AB
The Lamina Basic and SA series are sheet-to-sheet semi-automatic laminator/mounters, available in widths of 43.3 in. to 63 in. The FA, FAS (for thicker bottom-sheet material), and high-speed Blackline series are the company’s fully automatic offerings. A manual version is also available.

The Econocraft (44 and 60 in.) is a cold laminator; the Digital (42 and 60 in.) and Signmaster 44 are both hot/cold machines. Thermal laminators include the 25-in. Educator, the 25-in. HD 25 Workhorse, the 30-in. HS 30 Thoroughbred, the Industrial Series (38 and 60 in.), the 25-in. Premier 4, the 27-in. Professor, and the XL Pouch (27 and 44 in.).

Lumina 2600/5000/6500 liquid-laminate rollcoaters are available in 24-, 48-, and 64-in. widths, respectively.