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Sealing the Deal

(May 2009) posted on Mon Apr 27, 2009

More than 40 companies offering large-format laminators.

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Neolt S.p.A.
Neolt S.p.A offers several hot and cold laminators. The NeoLam M (43 and 65 in.), Dual F (65 and 81 in.), S (43 and 65 in.) and H (43, 65, and 80 in.) series are hot and cold laminators; the 65-in. 1650E laminator offers a heated upper roller for cold lamination; and the CE (43 and 55 in.) and C (43, 65, and 81 in.) laminators are for cold lamination.

Neschen Americas
Neschen liquid coaters include the 52-in. AccuCoat Giclee Sign Coater, 60-in. AccuCoat 1600, 129-in. AccuCoat 3300, AccuCure 60 UV and AccuCure 80 UV (60- and 80-in. wide, respectively), and the 72-in. AccuCure 72XUV.
Seal laminators include the Image 600md, a 61-in. thermal laminator; hot and cold lamination is available on the 80-in. Seal 80 Pro and 61-in. Seal 62 Pro Series. The 62-in. Image 62 Plus is for thermal and low-temp films; the Seal 54 and 62 Base are 55- and 61-in. (respectively) cold laminators with a heat assist. The Seal 44 and 62 Ultra Plus Series offer single heated roll, dual heated roll, and cold models; the ProSeal 44 pouch laminator offers pre-set temperature controls.

Optima International
The 54-in. Optima RCS 5400 Minicoater uses water- or solvent-based laminates; the 36- to 193-in. Convertible Rollacoat is a UV-cure coating system.

Pacific Studio Supplies
Image Shield Solutions Cold Laminators include the hand-cranked 27-in. CL270s and the 46-in. automatic ACL460.

Polisigns Supplies
Offers the ENTM series of cold laminators and the ENHTM series of hot laminators, all in 54- and 66-in.wide models. The 63-in. PLAII is a liquid laminator; the EII and EIV cold laminators are 51 and 66 inches wide, respectively.

Professional Laminating Systems
The company offers the 27-in. PL227HP, 38-in. PL238WF, and 44-in. PL244WF thermal laminators. The PL227HP and the PL238WF can laminate substrates up to ¼-in. thick and the PL244WF can accept media up to 3/16 in. thick.

Its Quality 64TLX is a 62-in. top-heated mounting/laminating machine with a top roller for thermal lamination and a bottom roller that can be used for self-adhesive films.

Remington Laminations
The M65 Mini Mounter tabletop cold laminator is 27-in. wide and accepts media up to 3/8-in. thick.

Royal Sovereign International
Hot and cold machines include the 27- and 41-in. models of RSS Hot-Shoe and RSR Rolling-Shoe as well as the 41- and 65-in. RSH Hot-Roller series. The RSC cold-roll laminator offers pressure-sensitive lamination for images up to 65-in. wide.

Splash of Color
The Cool-Lam 640C is a cold laminator for pressure-sensitive media up to 63-in. wide.

The LS1050 Scotch cold laminating system accepts media up to 25-in. wide and 3/16-in. thick.

Products include: the 55-in. Uniform WetGuard liquid laminator; the DryGuard series (25-, 38-, and 55-in. widths) and Guardsman B series (55-in. width) cold laminators; the Guardsman C series (43.3-, 65-, and 80.7-in. widths) are cold/heat-assist laminators; the Guardsman S and H series (both available in 43.3-, 65-, and 80.7-in. widths) and the Dual series (65- and 80.7-in. widths) offer hot and cold lamination.

Its heated roll laminators include the 45-in. ProMount Plus 4510 and the SamsonPlus 4200/6200/6300 (42, 62, and 63 in., respectively). Heat shoe laminators include the 27-in. CSL 2700 series, the 27-in. ARL 2700 (with and without fans), the 40-in. CRL, and the 40-in. MRL42 combination laminator/mounter.

Wesco Machine
Heat options available for the 30-in. F30, 38-in. F38, and 54-in. W56 laminators.

Western Magnum
The company offers the XRL Hot Roll Laminators in 24-, 36-, and 48-in. widths. Although primarily used in the circuit-board industry, these laminators can also be used for laminating large-format graphics.