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SeeFile 1.5 Introduced

(May 2005) posted on Thu May 05, 2005

Software enables users to post PDFs online in catalog form

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SeeFile Software has introduced SeeFile
1.5, a software package that allows users
to post images, artwork, text files, and
PDFs online in catalog form. Version 1.5's
major improvements over previous versions
include: a redesigned user interface;
new functions such as the ability to
create and delete folders and copy and
paste files via the Web interface (rather
than only through the file system as in
earlier versions); and better performance
on large (100 to 300-MB) files for use by
large-format shops.

A Mac-based system, SeeFile 1.5
allows users to drag and drop images
into the website catalog for easy setup
and updating, and also control access to
defined images and file groups. In addition,
users can message clients about
job status and guide them to specific

Price: $695 (10 users); $995, bundled
with a 40-GB Mac Mini, ($1095 for
an 80-GB Mac Mini). Other versions
allowing more users are also available.
An expansion path is provided so that
users can grow the system to a larger
workgroup configuration without reinstallation. (SeeFile Software: