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SGIA 2009: N'awlins Opportunities

(September 2009) posted on Wed Sep 09, 2009

The annual expo -- to be held October 7-9 in New Orleans -- offers something for everyone.

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By MaryKate Moran

Here’s a look at just a few of the other educational highlights:
2009 State of the Industry: Katy Sauër Lellelid, business information associate with SGIA, will analyze the latest industry stats.
Flatbed Economics – What Flatbed Press is Right for You?: Explores the fi nancial model to determine the appropriate time to add a flatbed or upgrade, and evaluates how the purchase decision impacts a shop’s bottom line. Led by Fujifilm Sericol’s Jeffrey Nelson.
Sourcing Sustainable Products: Why Is It So Difficult?: Laura Maybaum, graphics market segment manager for Nazdar, will highlight the lack of green products and information facing print providers and provide basic guidance.
High Volume Digital Print Production and Workflow Automation: Will focus on current trends in high-volume inkjet printing systems for the wide-format market, including
how technology enables higher-volume digital printing; workflow characteristics that are making the implementation of these systems successful; and types of applications
that are being produced by users of the equipment. Durst’s Christopher Howard and Michael Lackner will lead the session.
From Cottage to Mass to Micro: Micro Manufacturing for the New Economy: I.T. Strategies’ Patti Williams will give tips on niche markets and sustainable business models.
Pricing of Digital Graphics: A full print overview, including speeds, costs, inks, media, laminates, substrates, and finishing, led by David King of MarketKing; the session
will also examine sales and marketing side to help print shops land more clients.
The Challenge of a Complete Digital Workflow: Inca Digital’s Heather Kendle will provide an overview of the system components a print provider should consider when
installing digital-graphic capabilities.
Introduction to Color Management: Jeff Burton, digital print analyst for SGIA, will discuss color-management systems and software use, color profiling basics, color space/gamut, RGB versus CMYK, color-behavior management, color matching, and common color lingo.
Recycling 101: Brett Thompson with Laird Plastics and Theresa Vanna of Pace Industries will discuss successfully implementing a recycling program.
Neutral Gray Color Control for Screen and Digital Printers: A look at the effectiveness and speed neutral gray print density brings to digital printing and screenprinting, led by
Nazdar’s Mike Ruff .