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Solvent Cartridges Introduces InkStream Lite-X and Lite-S

(November 2004) posted on Fri Nov 19, 2004

Bulk ink systems with wide mouths

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Ontario-based Solvent Cartridges has introduced
its InkStream Lite-X and Lite-S bulk
ink delivery systems. The bulk ink systems
have ink reservoirs with wide mouths (for
easy refilling). Each holds 700 ml of ink,
and the reservoirs have translucent walls
(so current ink level is visible). The bulk
ink system does not require a separate
stand; it mounts on top of the printer.

The only difference between the two
systems is that Lite-S has simplified electronics
that require the user to insert
three chips in the connector on the bulk
system for each liter of ink consumed.
When using the Lite-X, only one chip is
required per liter. (Chips are free of
charge with the inks.) Lite-S is less expensive
but less convenient to run due to the
more frequent changing of chips.

The InkStream Lite-X and Lite-S are both
compatible with Mimaki JV3, Mutoh Falcon
and Rockhopper, and Tiara Opal printers. (Solvent Cartridges: