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Specialty Media Sourcelist 2013

(November 2013) posted on Wed Nov 06, 2013

More than 130 sources of fabrics, wallcoverings, fine-art media, magnetics, transfer papers, and other specialty media.

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When it comes to competition, confidence can be key. In order to be confident, of course, it always helps to look better than the rest, and typically having the latest and greatest supplies on hand is one way to do that. Your shop can be confident in competition and help your client’s graphics look their best through a non-traditional approach to output.
Utilizing specialty media is one such approach. By recommending and specifying the client’s graphics be output onto, say, fabric or canvas, you’re allowing their project to stand apart from the competition.

To aid your shop in taking such an approach, we’ve created the 2013 specialty media sourcelist for your perusal. Here you’ll find companies that offer printable fabrics, fine-art canvas and media, direct-print magnetic media, dye-sub transfer papers, wallcoverings, and other specialty media all designed for wide-format output. Companies are listed alphabetically, and we’ve provided an overview of samplings from each company (for a complete product roster visit the company website).

Note: For purposes of this sourcelist, we’ve only listed primary producers, manufacturers, and converters of specialty media for wide-format, as well as companies that have their own branded media. We’ve not listed distributors/dealers who are selling other companies’ media. Nor have we included more traditional media (see our September issue for rollfed vinyls, films, and self-adhesives) or rigid substrates (see October).


A.Berger GmbH
Dye-sub and direct-print fabrics, art canvas.

Adams Magnetic
PrintMag inkjet-receptive magnetic media; MegaMag printable magnetic sheeting; FoilMag, MagSteel, MagBond magnet-receptive materials.

ProJet and ProJet Elite fine-art media.

Advantage Sign Supply
Optima Opti-Jet photo papers and Opti-Solve canvas.

Essense printable foil; Synaps synthetic media; its Duratex PolyFab polyester-coated fabric is water-repellant, lightweight, and stretchable for expansion over frame systems (for UV-curable, latex, solvents, and eco-solvents).

Air Waves Inc.
Transfer papers.

American Permalight  
PermaLight photoluminescent media.

Photo papers and transfer paper..

DPF 208 fabric; rollup banner.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies
FlexMag UltraMag digital flexible magnetic media (sold as either pre-magnetized or un-magnetized); sheet magnetizers also available.

Aslan Schwarz
Metallic-effect film.