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Specialty Scanning Solutions

(May 2008) posted on Mon May 12, 2008

A sourcelist of flatbed, drum, and film scanners.

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By Clare Baker

The V750-M Pro also features the High-Pass Optics system, which consists of anti-reflective lens coatings and a high-reflection mirror. The scanner also includes a fluid mount accessory for wet-mount film which gives the user additional scratch-removal and grain-reduction capabilities for black and white film.


Hasselblad offers the Flextight X1 and Flextight X5 high-end film scanners, which feature a 3 x 8000 CCD sensor and 16-bit (per channel) color depth. Designed for professional photographers, these scanners utilize a "virtual drum" design that uses a vertical optical system to allow for glassless scanning. The X1 is capable of scanning 35mm originals at 6300 dpi at a rate of 60 MB/sec and the X5 can scan 35mm originals at 8000 dpi at 300 MB/sec. The X5 also offers an A4 reflective scanning option and batch and slide feeder compatibility.

Additionally, the scanners feature automatic frame detection, batch-scanning capabilities, automatic focus and calibration, hard- and/or software-based dust removal, as well as an Auto Scan button which enables one-touch scanning. Both scanners also offer Hasselblad’s Flexible File Format (3F) workflow for easy and efficient file manipulation.


The Hewlett-Packard 8300 Professional Image Scanner is a flatbed scanner designed to scan reflective media, 35mm slides and negatives, and medium- and large-format film, with a transparency adapter. The scanner features an optical resolution of up to 4800 dpi and is capable of handling media up to 8.5 x 14 in. The 48-bit scanner features a control panel that allows users to scan, copy, and create PDFs and other file formats.

The 8300 also features HP Real Life Technologies, such as adaptive lighting technology, image restoration, dust and scratch removal, and red-eye removal. Software bundled with the scanner includes HP Photosmart and Adobe Photoshop Elements.


The ICG line of drum scanners includes the ICG 380 and 369. The vertical drum scanners utilize photomultiplier technology and are capable of scanning an array of media including transparency, reflective, linework, and color negatives at a max optical resolution of 12,000 dpi. The 380 features a drum speed of 2000 rpm, and the 369 features a speed of 1750 rpm.