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Specialty Scanning Solutions

(May 2008) posted on Mon May 12, 2008

A sourcelist of flatbed, drum, and film scanners.

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By Clare Baker

Additionally, the scanners offer users a choice of interchangeable drums, the A3+ external and a SlickMount internal. Both the 380 and 369 are equipped with ScanXact XI color-separation and sharpening software designed to extend RGB color range.


Kodak’s selection of scanners include the EverSmart and iQsmart scanner lines. The EverSmart Select II and the EverSmart Supreme II are trilinear-array CCD flatbed scanners. Both scanners offer a scanning area of 12 x 17 in. and are capable of scanning transparent and reflective media at a max optical resolution of 5600 dpi. The 48-bit scanners also include XY Stitch scanning technology which helps ensure sharpness and resolution and oXYgen Scan software which accelerates scanning production. An oil-mounting station is optional on all scanners.

The EverSmart Supreme II features a CCD dynamic cooling system which enables the scanner to better differentiate a wide range of color tones. The scanner also includes a maximum dynamic range tool (MaxDR) to improve the dynamic range in the dark and mid-tone area of a scan. The Supreme II is capable of generating 120 scans per hour while the Select II can produce 100 scans per hour.

The iQsmart scanner line consists of the iQsmart1, iQsmart2, and the iQsmart3. The 16-bit scanners are designed to scan positive and negative film as well as reflective images. The flatbed scanners feature an inverted CCD array to help eliminate dust and include oXYgen software and XY scanning technology. The scanners can also be equipped with an optional oil-mounting station. The iQsmart1 has an optical resolution of 3200 dpi and the iQsmart2 has an optical resolution of 4300 dpi; both can generate 50 scans/hour. The iQsmart3 has an optical resolution of 5500 and can produce 85 scans/hour.


Microtek’s scanners include the ScanMaker and ArtixScan scanner lines. The ScanMaker i800 is a 4800-dpi flatbed scanner capable of scanning media at a size of 8.5 x 14 in. The scanner features EZ-Lock film holders which accommodate 35mm slides, 35mm filmstrips, 4 x 5-in. film, and medium-format film up to 6 x 17-cm panoramic. The scanner is also equipped with an 8 x 12-in. transparency adapter. Software bundled with the scanner includes ColoRescue color-restoration software, Digital ICE image-correction technology, and LaserSoft’s SilverFast SE. Microtek’s ScanMakeri800 Pro features the same specifications as the i800, but is bundled with SilverFast Ai.