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Specialty Scanning Solutions

(May 2008) posted on Mon May 12, 2008

A sourcelist of flatbed, drum, and film scanners.

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By Clare Baker

The ScanMaker 9800 XL is designed to scan media up to 12 x 17-in. and is ideal for corporate, production, or medical environments. The 48-bit color scanner features an optical resolution of 1600 dpi. The scanner is bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microtek Scanner ICC Profiler, Microtek LanShare, and SilverFast Ai. An optional transparency media adapter is also available for scanning film and transparencies up to 12 x 16 in.

The ScanMaker 1000XL is a 48-bit color flatbed scanner with a scanning area of 12 x 17 in. and a 3200-dpi optical resolution. The scanner is designed for reflective media as well as 35mm and 120 film transparencies. The scanner features batch-scan support and multiple sampling and is bundled with software including ColoRescue, Digital ICE technology, and ScanWizard Pro. A Pro version of the scanner is equipped with a transparent media adapter and is bundled with SilverFast Ai.

The ArtixScan MI is a film and flatbed combination scanner that’s capable of scanning 35mm, 6-cm, and 4 x 5-in. film, as well as reflective prints up to 8.5 x 14 in. and 8 x 10-in. transparencies. The 48-bit scanner is designed for photographers and designers and offers an optical resolution of 4800 dpi. The scanner features autofocus technology for optimum sharpness and the scanner is bundled with SilverFast SE Plus and ScanWizard Pro. The scanner is also equipped with E.D.I.T., Microtek’s glassless scanning architecture. A Pro version of the scanner is bundled with SilverFast Ai Studio software and two sets of film holders.


Nikon offers the Super CoolScan 9000 and 5000 ED and the CoolScan V ED film scanners. The CoolScan V ED and the Super CoolScan 5000 ED are capable of scanning 35mm film, while the Super CoolScan 9000 ED can handle multiple film formats including 120/220, 35mm, 6 x 7, 6 x 9, 16 mm, and electron microscope. The 16-bit scanners feature an optical resolution of 4000 dpi and are capable of batch processing. Additionally, the scanners utilize scanner Nikkor ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses and Digital ICE Advanced image correction technology.


The new Plustek OpticPro A320 is a 12 x 17-in. scanner that boasts a maximum resolution of 1600 dpi and a scanning speed of 11.2 sec for A3 documents (at 300 dpi). The company also offers the A360, which can do a full bed scan at 300 dpi in just under 2.5 sec. See page 8 for a full report on these scanners.

Plustek also offers six models of OpticFilm Series film scanners, all designed for the professional user: the 7200 (7200 dpi), 7200i SE (adds SilverFast SE iSRD software, for automatic image-defect removal), 7200i (adds SilverFast Ai iSRD software, for production-oriented options), 7300 (7200 dpi with multi-sampling and SilverFast SE Plus software), 7500i SE (adds SilverFast SE Plus iSRD software), and 7500i Ai (SilverFast Ai Studio software).

Screen USA

The SG-8060 Mark II drum scanner from Screen USA is designed to scan transparencies and reflective materials. The scanner features resolutions up to 12,000 dpi, a magnification ranging from 10% to 3000%, and 16-bit color depth in RGB. The scanner also includes a moire-reduction option which reduces moire patterns before output. It is also capable of batch scanning.

The Cezanne Elite FT-S5500 is a flatbed scanner capable of scanning reflective material as well as positive and negative transparencies and features a maximum resolution of 5300 dpi in 48-bit RGB. The scanner can scan 35mm originals at 350 dpi at a rate of 104 scans/hour and 6 x 7-cm originals at 300 dpi at a rate of 94 scans/hour. The scanner is bundled with Colorgenius EX image processing software (Mac version).